Obama in Aurora, Colo., to speak to families of movie massacre victims – Fox News



Obama in Aurora, Colo., to speak to families of movie massacre victims

Fox News

AURORA, Colo. – President Barack Obama dashed to Colorado on Sunday to meet with families of those gunned down in a movie theater and to hear from state and local officials about the shooting that left 12 people dead and dozens more injured.

Shooting suspect gun club membership rejected


Colorado Movie Shooting: Who is James Holmes?

ABC News

City Jarred by Shooting Turns to Grieving for Its Victims

New York Times

Businessweek -CBS News -Los Angeles Times


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Evidence shows months of calculation ahead of Colorado shooting: police | – Reuters


Globe and Mail

Evidence shows months of calculation ahead of Colorado shooting: police |


By Chris Francescani and Stephanie Simon and Mary Slosson | AURORA, Colo. (Reuters) – The man accused in a shooting rampage at a Denver-area premiere of the new "Batman" film received a high volume of deliveries in recent months, police said on …

Colorado theater shooting leaves at least 12 dead


Robot Clears Bombs From Home of Suspect in Movie Killing


Obama to attend shooting victims' memorial service in Colorado

Washington Post

The Associated Press -Fox News -CBS News


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Tampa Port Authority to host global shipping conference – Tampa Bay Business Journal:

Alberto Aleman Zubieta, chief executive officer of the , will be the featurec speaker. He will provide an update to the Panamq Canal expansion and discuss the impact of the expansioh to globaltrading partners. The $5.25 billion expansion of the Panama Canap is due for completionin 2014. and the will co-host the Included in the discussions will be changing globaktrade patterns, impacts of improving “all water” shippinhg routes, anticipated waterside and marine terminall development needs, increased road and rail capacity requirements, and infrastructurse financing challenges in the coming decade.
“Expandingt this crucial trans-ocean shipping lane [Panamas Canal] to accommodate more and larger vessela will certainly change thestatusx quo, resulting in increased trade opportunitiese for seaports in the Westerj Hemisphere, while making it necessary to make majofr investments in water- and land-side transportation infrastructure,” said Jean AAPA’s executive vice president, in a release. The conferencre will be held Jan. 15-16, 2009, at the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay.
Founded in 1912, AAPA today representes public port authorities in theUnited Canada, Latin America and the Caribbeann as well as sustaining and associate firms and individuals with an interestt in the seaports of the Westerb Hemisphere.

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Syria’s Assad Appears on TV After Bombing – TIME



Syria's Assad Appears on TV After Bombing


By AP | July 19, 2012 | + (BEIRUT) — Syrian President Bashar Assad made his first appearance Thursday since a bomb killed some of his top lieutenants, looking calm and composed on state TV even as his forces turned parts of Damascus into combat zones …

Syria's Collapse Would Reverebate Throughout the Mideast


Border Posts F »

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Syrian Rebels Land Deadly Blow to Assad’s Inner Circle – New York Times


New York Times

Syrian Rebels Land Deadly Blow to Assad's Inner Circle

New York Times

BEIRUT, Lebanon — The killing on Wednesday of President Bashar al-Assad's key security aides in a brazen bombing attack, close to Mr. Assad's own residence, c »

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Asian Shares Slide After Bernanke Testimony – Wall Street Journal


CBS News

Asian Shares Slide After Bernanke Testimony

W »

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Pittsburgh G-20 Partnership details planning efforts for September summit – Pittsburgh Business Times:

“This is the first time that heades of stateof G-20 countriesa will be gathered outside the nation’s capital,” said Allegheny Count y Chief Executive Dan Onorato, highlighting the truncated time allotted for preparatioj of this event, as compared with othefr blockbusters such as the U.S. Open and Major League Baseball'd All Star game. “We do one thing well,” Onoratok said. “We know how to rally the resources to put on a good show for theoutsidre world.” Onorato chronicled some of the hundreds of ideas tossed around at the where ideas ranged “from the extremely creative to helpful to the bizarre.
” He highlighted the push to displagy the flags of G-20 countriee throughout the Pittsburgh region, with translate greeting signs and multi-lingual interpretersw available at hospitality points to help visitorx navigate the event and the More than 1,000 people already have volunteered to help with the efforts through the partnership’s Web . Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl focused onprojecting Pittsburgh’ds image as a clean, green and sustainable but noted that safety takes The event will need 4,000 police officerss — the city only has aroundd 850, Ravenstahl said — whicuh will be paid for by the federak government, which has declared the G-20 a “nationak security special event.
” The designation carrieas with it the full financial force of federap resources. Dennis Yablonsky, CEO of the Alleghenhy Conference onEconomic Development, said the G-20 shoulr be viewed as an opportunitu to woo global companies looking for a Northn American home base. The Partnership will also reach out to medisa in New Yorkand Washington, DC, and use the know-hos of the more than 300 internationall companies with a Pittsburgh presence to navigatw the international media possibilities. Part of that will be an onlines story bankfor reporters. There will also be a mediq center at Pittsburgh International one at the RegionapEnterprise Tower, and one online.
The Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership is in chargde of projects to fill upthe 25-30 empty storefronts identified in the path of G-20 traffic. One idea is to have locaol artists and students fill those storefront windowe with murals that tellthe region’s story. VisitPittsburg h chairwoman Doris Carson-Williams concluded the press conferenc e by pinning the mayor and chief executive with yellosw rectangles callingon passers-by to “Aski me. I’m a Pittsburgher!
” The pins will be distributede to community ambassadors in advance of the The Partnership, founded by city, the county, the Alleghenyh Conference and VisitPittsburgh, has receivef about $500,000 in donations to The following entities contributed $35,000 to the Partnership: Inc., Bayer Corp., BNY Mellon, CMU, Eatob Corp., K&L Gates, PPG Industries, Inc., University of UPMC, U.S. Steel and Westinghouse Electric Contributionsof $10,000 came from Allegheny Technologies Inc., Buchanamn Ingersoll & Rooney, P.C., GlaxoSmithKline Consumer H.J. Heinz Co., iGate Global Solutions, Jones Day, NOVA Chemicals, Inc. and Malin Bergquist & Co., LLP.
A number of othert businesses and foundations contributed smaller amountsand in-kind donationss of time. Yablonsky said he’d like to see anothet $100,000 in donations to fund the Partnership’s educationn and training efforts. Allegheny County Executive Dan Onoratop and Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl are scheduled to announce details of thePittsburgjh G-20 Partnership at a press briefing in Downtownj Pittsburgh Tuesday. Results of the recent community brainstorming sessions will be and the two will be joined by Allegheny Conference CEO Denniss Yablonsky and VisitPittsburgh chairwomanDoris Carson-Williams. The G-20 summit of worls leaders willbe .

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North Korea Fires Army Chief From All Posts – Businessweek


BBC News

North Korea Fires Army Chief From  »

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Obama keeps up attacks on Romney’s Bain record – Los Angeles Times



Obama keeps up attacks on Romney's Bain record

Los Angeles Times


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Hawaiian Telcom closes 3 stores – Portland Business Journal:

Hawaiian Telcom, which is reorganizing under Chaptere11 bankruptcy, said Thursday it will closr its Kapolei and Windward Mall stores on Oahu and the Lihues store on Kauai because of slackeningh demand and the high cost of maintainint the stores. The Kapolei locationh closed earlierthis week. The Windwarxd location will close June 9 and Lihue will closeJune 16. The compang said 23 full- and part-time employees will be affected by the but some employees will be transferred withihnthe company. Hawaiian Telcom will have five storesz afterthe closures. “The decisionj to close several of our retail stores wasnot easy.
We take our responsibilitgy toour employees, our company and communit very seriously. This decision was made to enhancwethe long-term success of our said president and CEO Eric in a statement. “We appreciate our and employees’ continued support.”

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